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Novated leasing in a nutshell

A novated lease is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to buy and own a car, and you don’t need to be earning a huge salary!

Find out how it works
  • Questions about insurance changes?

    Understand your policy better:

    • The benefits
    • How to make a claim
    • Who is covered
    • Recent updates
  • How do I use the Maintenance Program?

    When your car is booked in for a service:

    1. Present your VMP card to the merchant

    2. The merchant obtains authorisation for the service

    3. The expenses are billed to your Smartleasing account

  • What car expenses can I claim?

    With a novated car lease you can claim vehicle expenses such as:

    • Registration
    • Insurance
    • Maintenance
    • Car wash
  • What are my options at the end of a novated lease?

    One of the biggest questions people have when they’re thinking about novated leasing is knowing what happens at the end of the term. Here are your options.

  • The great big car quiz

    Do you know your A Pillar from your B Pillar? Can you discuss torque steer at length? Then you’re going to blitz our 20-question car quiz. Or maybe not.

  • The best cars for long commutes

    If you live outside a city centre and drive to work, you may feel like your car is your second home. Here are five options to make that commute more enjoyable.