The five best prestige cars to consider for leasing

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04 Jun 2018 by smartleasing

So, you’ve decided to finance your next car with a novated lease. And while you’re at it, you’re going to treat yourself to something special.

Now you’ve just got to choose what to buy, which isn’t an easy task in 2018, as more prestige brands than ever are fighting it out.

Where they once sold just a few key models, most top-of-the-range makers have line-ups that stretch across a vast price and size divide. And, just like their mainstream counterparts, they’re getting into SUVs in a big way.

You might be inclined to flip a coin to get started. Or you could kick off the process with this quintet of high-quality contenders.

Note, estimates listed with each vehicle are for a novated lease with Smartleasing and include finance and all running costs. See * below for a breakdown of calculations.  

Small – Audi A3

This Audi isn’t the last word for hard-core drivers (that would be BMW’s 1 Series) and an all-new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is coming soon, which could change the whole game. In the here and now, though, this baby prestige contender does an awful lot right – from its slick drivetrains and smart road manners to its sharp value, competitive practicality and impeccable build – and very little wrong. From $410 a fortnight*

Small SUV – BMW X1

Where the Audi Q2 and Mercedes GLA feel like pumped-up hatches, this BMW looks like an SUV and, more importantly, delivers a step up in practicality – and isn’t that the point? Terse ride aside, it ticks most boxes and there’s its X2 “coupé” sibling if you value style over practicality. But the small SUV landscape is changing fast – Jaguar’s E-PACE and Volvo’s XC40 were hitting showrooms as this was written. From $510 a fortnight*

Medium – Alfa Romeo Giulia

Put on your sensible shoes and you’d be pressing them on the pedals of Audi’s eminently rounded A4. This Alfa, however, is more characterful, more fun to drive and still serves up plenty of pragmatic luxury sedan strengths. If you demand full-fat driving satisfaction and aren’t fazed by the odd niggle, you’ll be glad you chose it every time you point its asymmetrical snout at a twisty road. From $640 a fortnight*

Medium SUV – Volvo XC60

There are plenty of worthy options in this class. Heck, even Alfa Romeo has joined the party with its Stelvio. This Volvo, however, does pretty much everything you could ask for – robust practicality, typically thorough safety and rock-solid value/tech/driving credentials – then garnishes it all with stunning design inside and out. From $650 a fortnight*

Large SUV – Audi Q7

There are large SUVs with more pizzazz than this Audi (the Range Rover Velar), those with a stronger off-road bias (Land Rover Discovery) and those that are very nearly as good (Volvo XC90). But for sheer competency – from its classy drivetrains, excellent road manners and generous tech/safety serve to its super-practical, beautifully built seven-seat cabin – this Audi takes some beating. From $900 a fortnight*

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* Estimates based on an $125,000 salary, five-year term and entry-level model for private use at 15,000km per annum. Estimates calculated on the vehicle’s total on-road cost including: registration, stamp duty, fuel, tyres, insurance, maintenance. Two-year Extended Warranty and Platinum Hydro Pack included. Discounts included based on estimates using Smartleasing Car Buying Service.