Bushfire emergency: how to help with the recovery

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10 Feb 2020 by smartleasing

The ferocity and devastation of the recent bushfires have shocked us all, but ours is a generous and resilient country, so there’s very little surprise at the outpouring of support to assist families and communities rebuild.

But did you know there’s something you can do that will assist the long-term regeneration of affected areas; something that will work for decades to reduce the risk of this happening again?

We’ve partnered with carbon offset provider, since 2008, providing novated leasing customers with a way to offset their car’s carbon emissions. In that time, Greenfleet has planted around 2.4 million trees on behalf of our customers, which will result in the removal of almost 650,000 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

Tree planting and forest regeneration is also key to Australia’s long-term recovery from the bushfires. Most years, our forests reabsorb the carbon released by bushfires. But monitoring shows in the three months leading up to January 2020, Australia’s bushfires emitted 400 million tonnes of CO21 – that’s about equal to Australia’s CO2 emissions for an entire year.

This year, Australia’s carbon emissions will be significantly higher, contributing to the warming of the planet, and increasing the likelihood of events as devastating as this one. We can all make a difference.

What we’re doing to help

As well as making donations to organisations supporting people and communities affected by the fires, we’re continuing to work with Greenfleet to tackle climate change long-term and encouraging everyone - from our team members to customers - to get involved, whether it’s through tree planting activities or offsetting personal carbon emissions   

What you can do

If you’ve already added carbon offset to your novated lease (via our Purple Meets Green program), THANK YOU! Your donation of less than $2.50 per fortnight is not only offsetting 100% of your vehicle emissions but it’s also making a measurable impact on climate change.



Read more about how Greenfleet is responding to the bushfire emergency here.


1 Sources: unenvironment.org and Copernicus Monitoring Program
Any donations to Greenfleet will be subject to Greenfleet’s Terms and Conditions available at https://www.greenfleet.com.au/Terms-and-Conditions.