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25 Oct 2019 by smartleasing

Let’s start with the most obvious question: what is financial wellness? Far from buzz words, being financially well is about having the ability to meet every day expenses and pay bills as they arise, so that you can enjoy life without money worries costing you sleep and casting a long grey pall over your day.

It sounds melodramatic, but most of us have been there at one time or another. Think about it for a moment: how would you fare if your situation was to change suddenly; if you lost your job, became ill or found yourself burdened with a bill bigger than a month’s salary?

Improving your financial wellness could help you manage life’s unexpected (and expensive) events with fewer worries. And that’s where Smartleasing’s Financial Wellness Program1 comes in.

We’ve partnered with a small group of providers with the expertise to help you increase your financial capability and improve your financial health. The Financial Wellness Program comes at no extra cost to you, and services offered by our providers are obligation free, so you can get the information you need to make an informed decision and take the action that best suits your circumstances. 

How to start paying less for your mortgage

A mortgage is, for most of us, the largest expense we’ll have in our lives. That said, there are a number of areas in the structure of a mortgage where savings can be made, from interest rates to ongoing fees, and non-cash benefits that just make life more convenient.

We’ve partnered with Credo Financial Services and LoanDolphin to provide you with a no-obligation mortgage health check that looks at your mortgage and whether there are other mortgage products available that are more affordable and a better fit for your circumstances.

Here’s an overview of what’s on offer with each of these providers.


Meet with a Credo mortgage solutions specialist face to face or over the phone:2

  • Step through the process with your specialist
  • Receive 1-3 quotes that best meet your needs
  • Discuss your options and choose the one that suits you best


Enter your mortgage requirements on the LoanDolphin website:3

  • Multiple brokers and lenders review your mortgage details and compete with their best offers (no personal details are sent)
  • Discover a broad range of home loans and choose what suits you best.

How to pay debts quicker while improving your credit score

Wisr helps you understand your finance options by offering:

  • A wellness survey4 to understand how you can improve your financial capability
  • A free credit score check
  • An App that lets you round-up your digital spare change to pay down your debt quicker
  • Low rate personal loans.

To find out more about Smartleasing’s Financial Wellness Program and the solutions that may assist you to get ahead financially, see the Additional Benefits section of the Smartleasing website.

1Smartgroup will receive commission payments from Credo Financial Group, LoanDolphin or Wisr Finance, (as the case may be), in respect of any loan transactions that result from the referral. 2The personal meeting mortgage health check is offered by Credo Financial Group, Australian Credit Licence Number 402515. Any personal information provided to Credo Financial Group as part of the Mortgage Health Check will be held, stored and used in accordance with the Credo Financial Group Privacy Policy credofinancial.com.au/privacy‐terms/. 3 The online mortgage health check is offered by LoanDolphin, Australian Credit Licence Number 500703. Any personal information provided to LoanDolphin as part of the Mortgage Health Check will be held, stored and used in accordance with the LoanDolphin Privacy Policy loandolphin.com.au/privacy‐policy/. 4The financial wellness suite is offered by Wisr Finance, Australian Credit Licence Number 458572. Any personal information provided to Wisr Finance as part of the financial wellness program will be held, stored and used in accordance with the Wisr Finance Privacy Policy wisr.com.au/Legal/Privacy.