• How to save with a novated lease

    A novated lease is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to buy and own a car, and you don’t need to be earning an executive salary!

    • Make tax savings and discounts on your car and related running expenses

    • Bundle finance and running costs into one easy payment on payday

    • Lease a new or used car

    • Choose the lease term that suits your budget, from one to five years

  • How to save with MyCarPlan

    If you're going on extended leave, or moving to a new employer, MyCarPlan lets you retain the benefits that make leasing so convenient. 

    • You’ll still fill up cash-free with BP and Shell fuel cards

    • We still save you up to 30% on regular servicing, tyres and windscreen repair and replacement, with our Vehicle Maintenance Program

    • We still pay your registration when it’s due

    • We still make your finance repayments for you.

  • How to save with our additional benefits

    Being a Smartleasing customer gives you access to a fantastic range of additional benefits, over and above novated leasing and salary packaging you’ve come to expect. Best of all, most of these are at no extra cost, and our way of saying thanks for choosing Smartleasing!

    • Financial Wellness Program

    • Customer Rewards Program