How to make a Vero insurance claim

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25 Aug 2019 by smartleasing


How do I make a claim?

To submit a claim to Vero, you can either contact the claim department by phone on 1300 619 033, or via Vero’s iPhone and Android app called Vero Drive Claims. All you will need is your policy number (MSL019505965) and your vehicle registration number.

Who is covered by this policy?

All licensed drivers are covered by the Vero policy, and there is no need to specifically list them on the policy. This also includes Learner drivers provided they are being supervised by a fully licensed driver.
It should be noted that, while your premium is unaffected by the driver of the vehicle, your excess may vary if a young or inexperienced driver is driving at the time of an incident. Please refer to your certificate of insurance for full excess details.

Can I claim my insurance excess?

Yes, any insurance excess is a claimable expense. Once you have paid the excess and received an invoice from Vero, you can submit this for reimbursement by logging into your online account and selecting the ‘e-claims’ tab.

What are the benefits of the Vero policy?

Some benefits of the Vero policy include:

  • New-for-new replacement - If your vehicle was new at the start of your lease and is less than 36 months old, Vero will replace the vehicle with a brand new car in the event of a total loss
  • Lease payout – Rather than covering for market or agreed value, in the event of a total loss Vero will cover the entire cost of paying out your lease, with no out-of-pocket expenses to yourself. If the market value of your vehicle is higher than the payout cost, you will receive a cheque for the difference
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs – All approved repairs carry a lifetime guarantee

You can read about further benefits of the Vero policy, or download a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement, by clicking the following link: Vero Comprehensive Insurance.