Peace of mind costs less with Smartleasing.


Customise your lease with the upgrade products that suit you

from as little as
$2.00 per fortnight

Smartleasing lets you choose the servicing and insurance cover you receive throughout the life of your lease, from services like 24/7 Nationwide Roadside Assistance, right through to financial protection for when things don’t go according to plan.

Talk to a Smartleasing Consultant about tailoring a package for you and your car.

Save as you go (standard with your lease)

  • Vehicle Maintenance Program

    Only ever pay for the servicing your car needs. We evaluate work recommended by the repairer and authorise only the work that’s necessary.
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    • Save up to 30% on each service
    • No bills to pay - all vehicle-related expenses are budgeted for in your leasing package
    • No claims to lodge - expenses are billed directly to your Smartleasing account
  • Smartleasing Fuel Cards

    Cash free access to over 2,600 fuel stations nationwide. No need for manual claims; just present your card to have your fuel charged to your Smartleasing account.

    Fill up with:

    • BP
    • Shell

For your complete peace of mind...

  • plus

    Loan Protection Insurance

    If life doesn't go according to plan, choose to handback your vehicle to a dealer or retain your vehicle and continue your loan repayments for up to 6 months.

    Cover includes:

    • Involuntary unemployment
    • Disability
    • For your convenience, this cover is also available in our ultimate Protection Cover® pack
  • plus

    Platinum Warranty Insurance

    Protect your vehicle with Platinum Warranty Insurance that provides cover on terms similar to the manufacturer's warranty for up to seven years and you could save you thousands in mechanical repairs. Watch the video

    • Covers repairs to components that suffer a mechanical breakdown
    • Choice of servicing
    • For your convenience, this cover is also available in our ultimate Protection Cover® pack
  • plus

    Tyre & Wheel Insurance

    Avoid expensive tyre and wheel repairs and replacements with cover for one or three years. Includes towing to a place of safety or nearest repairer.

    • Unlimited number of puncture repair claims 
    • 4 tyre replacements per year; up to $400 per tyre and
    • $2,500 per year to repair or replace wheel(s).
    • For your convenience, this cover is also available in our ultimate Protection Cover® pack
  • plus

    Vehicle Disposal Program

    Make the move into your next car a seamless one with our professional vehicle sales service. While we do the legwork, you’re kept fully informed, right down to having the final say on the sale price of your car.

    • Includes inspection report, professional photography, full sales service
    • Sale is arranged through our professional auction network
    • For your convenience, this cover is also available in our ultimate Protection Cover® pack
  • Registration Renewal Program

    Say goodbye to the queues at your local motor registry. With Smartleasing’s Registration Renewal Program, we pay your rego for you with funds from your salary packaging account.

    • No out-of-pockets expenses
    • No claims to lodge
    • Choose our CTP provider to have your CTP paid as well
  • Purple Meets Green

    Purple Meets Green is the Smartleasing program aimed at supporting and protecting our environment. 

    • Your car emits enough C02-e/year to fill 22 hot air balloons
    • Your contribution offsets these emissions with the planting of 150sqm of native bush or forest
    • Making a difference costs $2.48/ fortnight (about the price of a tank of fuel/year)

Don’t leave home without...

  • plus

    Vero Comprehensive Insurance

    Vero insurance covers your car as well as lease payout, travel and accommodation, lost keys and towing.

    • All drivers covered, regardless of age, insurance or driving experience.
    • New for new replacement in the event of total loss.
    • Lifetime guarantee on all repairs.
    • Also available with Total Assist Insurance when you choose our Insurance Plus Cover pack
  • plus

    Smartleasing Roadside Assistance

    Whether you’re close to home or far away, when things go wrong it’s good to know that Smartleasing Roadside Assistance is, in most cases, only 45 minutes away. Watch the video

    • 24 hours, nationwide
    • No joining fee
    • Less than $1.60 per week
    • Also available with Small Damage Repair when you choose our Go To You® mobile service pack
  • plus

    Small Damage Repair (SDR+) program

    Your vehicle will always look great with unlimited, fixed-price repairs on minors damage, inside and out.

    • No insurance excess, no queues, no quotes
    • Repairs to painted body, interior, alloy wheels, glass, and windscreen
    • 3-year warranty on all repairs
    • Also available with Roadside Assistance when you choose our Go To You® mobile service pack
  • plus

    Protection Packs

    Our high-performance vehicle protection solutions are engineered to provide superior protection for all surfaces and fabrics, so they not only reduce the need for cleaning, but retain a like-new appearance longer.
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    • Choose from a range of protection packs, including Window Film
    • Ask about additional options including satnav, on-car and reverse cameras, and Bluetooth hands-free connectivity
  • plus

    Total Assist Insurance

    Total Assist provides a cash benefit of up to $5,000 to help with replacing personal items (like laptops and mobile phones) if your vehicle is declared a total loss, or help cover costs associated with replacing your vehicle.

    • Up to 5 years protection
    • One upfront premium, no excess
    • Also available with Vero Comprehensive Insurance when you choose our Insurance Plus Cover pack