Our top 10 most requested cars

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24 Sep 2018 by smartleasing

If you’ve been keeping an eye on car reviews, you’ve probably noticed the same handful of vehicles keep coming up tops for value, reliability and safety. In fact, even if you pay no attention to car reviews, you’ve probably noticed more than a few Mazda CX-5s parked in your street. With current trends steering drivers towards hatchbacks and SUVs, Smartleasing has seen the same cars populating our bestseller lists. Here are the top 10 cars sought by Smartleasers – and why.

Note, prices quoted include the average discount on new vehicles Smartleasing secures from our huge dealer network, along with running costs like fuel, insurance, servicing and registration*.  

Mazda CX-5

This Mazda is Australia’s top-selling SUV and its combination of style, quality, safety, driving nous and value is also striking a chord with Smartleasing customers. Like all Mazdas, it’s now covered by a five-year warranty. From $380.31 per fortnight*


Another Mazda, and a popular choice for much the same reasons as the CX-5, offering a whole lot of style, safety, driving flair and made-in-Japan quality for a very reasonable ask. From $304.89 per fortnight*

Subaru XV

This Subaru’s space, safety, quality and off-road dexterity – the latter a unique asset in its class – make it the small SUV of choice for Smartleasing customers, even if it’s not the cheapest they could buy. From $380.12 per fortnight*

Mazda CX-3

This Mazda’s mix of style, quality, safety, driving fun and value closely mirrors that of its siblings, so no surprise it’s also one of the most popular choices for those in the market for an urban SUV. From $314.32 per fortnight*

Volkswagen Golf

This VW’s big-dollar cabin ambience, ultra-refined driving qualities and unrivalled technology are winning over buyers who want a high-quality small car, and are happy to fork out a little extra to get it. From $342.03 per fortnight*

Hyundai i30

The 2017 Drive Car of the Year can’t quite match the style of a Mazda3 or the sophistication of a VW Golf but its stellar combination of value, practicality, driving flair, a five-year warranty and recently beefed-up safety is ticking all the boxes for more budget-conscious buyers. From $326.98 per fortnight*

Honda CR-V

This Honda’s sprawling, versatile and family-friendly cabin is just what a whole lot of midsize-SUV buyers are asking for, though they do need to spend up to the range-topping VTi-LX if they want to-the-minute safety technology such as auto emergency braking. From $384.07 per fortnight*

Hyundai Tucson

This Hyundai’s even-handed mix of value, practicality, long warranty, solid driving and recently enhanced safety is making it one of the top choices for Smartleasers in the market for a medium-sized SUV. From $387.05 per fortnight* 

Subaru Outback

This Subaru’s car-like driving qualities, comprehensive safety and generous space are making it the large SUV of choice for Smartleasing customers, despite not having the seven-seat capability of some alternatives. From $447.06 per fortnight*

Volkswagen Tiguan

This VW isn’t for the budget crowd, especially now the entry-level 110TSI model is temporarily off the Australian menu owing to Euro production constraints, but plenty of midsize-SUV buyers are falling for its upmarket flair, solid practicality and rival-beating technology. From $418,25 per fortnight*

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*Based on the following assumptions: living in NSW 2000, salary: $70,000 gross p.a., travelling 15,000 km p.a., lease term: 60 months, using the Employee Contribution Method for FBT purposes. Image shown may not be the exact car that the calculations have been based on. All figures quoted are based on base automatic models, and include budgets for finance, fuel, servicing, tyres, maintenance and re-registration over the period of the lease. Also includes Vero by Suncorp comprehensive motor insurance and Hydro Platinum Pack (Including Driver Safety Kit and Window Tint) as part of the offer. Vehicle residual, as set by Australian Taxation Office, payable at the end of lease term. Vehicle pricing is correct at the time of distribution but may be subject to change based on availability.