Get peace of mind with financial assistance in the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss.

Did you know some comprehensive policies limit the loss of personal items to just hundreds of dollars and exclude laptops and mobile phones? Total Assist Insurance provides you with lump sum payout of up to $5,000 in the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss through theft, fire or accident by your comprehensive insurer and that insurer makes a full total loss settlement to you.

Things you need to know


What's Covered

What's in it for You

Need to Know

Incidental costs following the total loss of your vehicle

A lump sum payment.

A total up to $5,000.

One upfront premium and no excess

Nothing further to pay.

Protects you up to 5 years.

Replace items lost in the accident or theft of your vehicle

iPhone, iPad, notebook, satellite navigation system, golf clubs, baby capsule or seat, pram etc. Invoices/receipts for proof of expenses may be required.
If you don't lose anything Assist with the replacement of your vehicle. These costs could include vehicle sourcing fees, transport fees, registration, stamp duty and insurance costs.  
Cancel at any time

Change your mind?

Rest easy. You aren't locked in - just let us know and we'll arrange a refund.

Refund of premium balance, less any charges in accordance with relevant legislation and product disclosure statement. 

21 day cooling off period: You have the right to return the policy within 21 days of the date that it was issued or sold to you, unless you make a claim under the policy within this time period.

Total Assist Insurance - Product Disclosure Statement